Former president of SIA of Ministries “Good Samaritan,” Pastor-missionary Pavel Radchuk, dedicated all the years of his life for God’s ministry working in churches and on missionary fields. The Holy Spirit called him to preach the Gospel in Ukraine and Russia and also among the minority ethnic groups of Chukotka, area of an unreached Northeast Siberia.

The fruits of this difficult missionary work are evident; saved souls and many new churches. Pavel was always intensely working, rushing to accomplish all he could physically do for the glory of God. He burned with desire to reach those who were dying without God. He dreamed about a spiritual awakening of the North, of opening Bible centers, orphanages, and prayed fervently for new projects which God laid on his heart. He was a man with a vision that never quit.

But the life of this fiery preacher of the Gospel suddenly ended on Thursday, August 8, 2002. While on a mission trip to Alaska, Pavel tragically died in a ultra-light plane crash. In his 41st year of life, Pavel Radchuk left this earth for a new home in heaven, leaving a pregnant wife and seven children. The last son, Andrey, was born without a father.

His ministry touched thousands of lives. His death was an inspiration for many to change their lifestyle and to follow an example of a life worthy of imitation.

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Dedicated to the Memory of Pavel Radchuk
(Compiled by his oldest brother Slavik Radchuk)

On August 8, 2002, at 41 years of age, he went into eternity: Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary.

Pavel Radchuk was born in West Ukraine in the village of Zozov, Rovno region. As a child, the spiritual character of a future minister was formed. Father Vitaliy and mother Galina, had eight children, so Pavel’s childhood, as a twin, was not a life of privilege or luxury. His father received 100 rubles a month and it wasn’t enough to take care of the family’s needs. Now, the sons and daughters are thankful to the Lord for their father and mother who taught them to pray and trust God to provide.

On his knees, in this childhood home, Pavel received salvation. Neither winter blizzards nor fall’s cold rains stopped the faithful Radchuk family from walking the five miles one way to their church, “Molodizhnaya” which was persecuted and underground. Pavel started to preach the gospel at a young age. His messages were on fire, inspired and anointed by the Holy Spirit.

In 1976, after finishing the eighth grade, the twins, Peter and Paul, went to an institute in the city of Rovno. Life as believers was not easy for the brothers. Only in the archives of heaven, is written all the insults, offenses and persecution that Pavel endured in the atheistic society. He was not afraid of hardships and in testing he remained firm. One time, a group of youth, including Pavel, was caroling on the streets of Rovno. In a couple minutes, police came and Pavel was jailed for 15 days. He paid his price for freedom.

Memories From His Last Days Alive

By Russell Korets

On August 4th, 2002, Pavel Radchuk with his wife, 3 of his kids, and a group of 25 young people left to Alaska on a big bus, to hold crusades, youth services, and be at a youth camp. Lots of churches were praying for this trip, and we at Good Samaritan Ministries were excited about the opportunity to minister in Alaska.

While on the trip, a couple of things that Pavel did cannot be left untold.  While driving, he stopped the bus, told all of the group to get outside, and with a stick, Pavel wrote in Ukrainian "I love Jesus."  Then, all of the group passed rocks, and with rocks, the group carved out "I love Jesus." (While on the trip back, the group added to the writing: "Pavel Radchuk")


Through the Eyes Of Our Friends

Soon after Pavel's death, many friends and co-workers sent their sympathy letters and shared special memories to the family. Allow us to share a few:

August 10, 2002

He was the president of our Slavic International Association of Ministries "Good Samaritan". This mission was started in Rovno, Ukraine, 12 years ago and eight years ago moved its headquarters to the Seattle area when the Radchuks immigrated. It is an evangelistic and humanitarian organization which plants churches and meets human needs all over the Former Soviet Union.


The funeral of Pavel Radchuk took on place on August 18th and 19th, in Washington State. On Sunday night (August 18th), over 5,000 attended the service, which was close to 5 hours long. There was many testimonies of brothers, ministers, missionaries, and friends, whose lives were changed because of Pavel's ministry.
Many pastors and ministers came from different states and countries. Also, many missionaries came back from Ukraine, Russia, Taymyr, and Chukotka to be at the funeral. On August 19th, about 3,500 people attended the burial service. 

We all miss Pavel very much. In our mind, we believe that Pavel has died, but our heart still can’t accept the fact. We will continue to do the work that has been started by Pavel.

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