We invite you to partner with “Good Samaritan” Ministries in the following ways:

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Nothing has ever been accomplished without prayer. Before, during and after we do anything, we pray. Prayer is essential to every ministry, for every missionary, and every church started by "Good Samaritan" Ministries. More than ever, missionaries need protection, blessing, and guidance of the Holy Spirit to do their work. Join us in this important work. Jesus said: "Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Matthew 9:38).

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You can join a team from our ministry on a trip to India, Ukraine, Russia or Argentina. Click on the events calendar link for upcoming events. If no trips are planned to where you feel God is calling you, let us know and we'll get you connected to our full-time missionaries already on the mission field. Why not join a team in place for the summer to offer your help and encouragement, physical and spiritual support. There are many ways to find yourself useful: teaching at Sunday School or a Bible Study, preaching at an outreach service, helping and having fun with kids at a children's camp, visiting and mentoring orphans, planting new churches, helping with construction needs, gardening for the elderly in villages, passing out literature, singing in services, traveling with an evangelistic tent... 

Giving Money Icon Just as much as praying or going, we need people to give! We invite you to sponsor any of our projects, missionaries, or ministries. You may donate securely online or send us a check or a money order. All funds are tax deductible. Click on the Projects icon to the right to learn more about our work, or click here if you are ready to donate. 

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Our non-profit organization is recognized by several retailers that generously offer a small percentage of your purchases as a donation. 

Amazon: Did you know that if you type in "smile.amazon.com" you can choose an organization that will benefit from your purchases? You still get to keep your Prime and other memberships. Simply click on this link to support us: AMAZON You may also search for our organization using key words "SIA GOOD SAMARITAN." 

Fred Meyer: You can help us earn donations by shopping with your Fred Meyer Rewards card! Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to “GOOD SAMARITAN MINISTRIES” OR #83635. (You will need to be able to login to your Fred Meyer online account or create one for free). To learn more, click here.

Talking Icon If you think that the work that we are doing is important, tell someone about it! Find us on different social media sites and share with your friends. Invite us to speak at your church. Get your friends together to talk about missionary work and figure out ways to help. Encourage others involved in full-time ministry.

Have a blog or a website? We can provide a web banner that you can link to our site to raise awareness. Contact us please!