Children Helping Children



By the grace of God, and thanks to the support of many people over the last two years, a dormitory building for 50 orphan girls has been built. In December of 2014, representatives from “Good Samaritan” Ministries had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a grand opening ceremony.

The next phase of this project is to find monthly sponsors for girls. The more sponsors that sign up, the more girls can be taken in and cared for. Children find themselves in children’s homes for various reasons; some had their homes burned down and parents killed because of ongoing persecution of Christians; some came from extremely poor backgrounds, where a living parent is just not able to provide for basic daily needs; others were victims of disease or natural disasters that ransacked their lives and families.


Over the last 12 years, “Good Samaritan” Ministries has been supporting 3 orphanages in different regions of India by: purchasing beds, mattresses, clothes, dishes, generators; donating finances for food and living expenses; delivering laptops; visiting homes to fellowship with children, encourage them and hand out Christmas gifts.

Currently, 20 orphans (10 boys/10 girls) are being sponsored monthly through our ministry. We are looking for new sponsors for the “Good Samaritan” Girl’s Home and we welcome all to please join us in this good work. We can’t help all the orphans in India, but we can help some and each life is a priceless gift.

Children’s homes provide more than just shelter. There - children receive food, clothing, education, fellowship, love and more. They learn about the love of God and find new hope.

For obvious reasons, your support isn’t given to the children directly, but is hand-delivered to God-fearing pastors, with whom we have long-standing partnerships. These men are responsible for taking care of all the needs of these children and do a wonderful job at it.

To sponsor a child, you can do so through our Children Helping Children program.



The idea behind this program is to encourage children in the USA to grow in compassion, develop responsibility and expand their worldview.

How It Works:

  • Parents encourage their children to make a decision to support a child in India every month $30.
  • An informational profile with be given to the family.
  • Children may write letters to their Indian friend, send photos, drawings and small gifts (when a team from “Good Samaritan” will be traveling to the region), or even visit the orphanage.
  • Bi-annual reports will be provided to update on the child’s status.
  • Children and parents work together to make sure support is mailed out every month.
  • Pray often for your Indian friend. (A photo on the refrigerator can help with that)
  • There will be times when your child will be excited to participate in this project, and times when they will want to quit. Hang in there and encourage consistency.

Tips For Parents:

  • Parents can help their children by giving gentle reminders and opportunities to collect enough for their monthly donation.
    (Children can use their allowance, birthday money, or earnings from various tasks.)
  • Never make a child feel guilty for being blessed with what they have, instead, encourage a heart of gratefulness and generosity.
  • Reflections and discussions about poverty, living conditions and different cultures are healthy. However, refrain from constant comparison that will cause a child to become bitter and harden their heart to the needy.
    (Don’t use your sponsored child in India as an excuse every time your child asks for a new toy.)

Project Representatives:

East Coast USA: Vitaliy Radchuk (404) 569-3887     
West Coast USA: Val Yuchimiuk (253) 426-8969

Missionary Work In Far East Russia

We don’t get reports from missionaries in Russia very often, but when we do, they are so precious.

This spring (2015), full-time missionary Yuriy Deekey visited the villages of the Severo-Evensk Region in Russia. We sent him $1,000 for this project / evangelistic work.

He writes, “With your support, we were able to hold services, hand out food and clothing. We gathered with other believers around a table and shared about the Lord’s blessings in our lives. God bless you and reward you. With love and prayer for you, the church in Evensk and Yuriy Ivanovich Deekey.”

East Ukraine / War-Zone Relief

The ongoing war in East Ukraine has caused much destruction in the lives of innocent people. Buildings and factories are destroyed. Businesses shut down. People are hungry. When a truck with bread enters a town, hundreds line up.

"Good Samaritan" Ministries representatives have participated in sending many trucks of donated produce from West Ukraine to the Far East regions.

There are different ways you can help:

  • Purchase food and pay for fuel expenses for trucks to travel from West Ukraine to Donbass $1,000 - $1,500 per trip
  • Send finances for missionaries to distribute bread to the public
  • Help purchase produce bags for the elderly, disabled and sick people in the hospitals
  • Help refugee families get settled in and relocated in other regions of Ukraine

Laptop For Anna!

Anna needed surgery when she was 1 1/2 years of age when doctors made a mistake, resulting in permanent disability of Anna. She is now 15 years old and really wanted a laptop that would connect her to other teens. We found a great Dell touch screen laptop for $500 that was delivered to her family in April 2015.

Anna was away for medical treatments when her family received the gift, but her mother is pictured. They were very excited and thankful for the gift.